Symptoms of Macular Pucker

Distortion in vision in one eye is the most common presenting symptom of macular pucker. Most people only notice this when checking one eye at a time. If you close your unaffected eye, and look at a straight vertical or horizontal edge, like a picture frame, and the frame is distorted that could be from a macular pucker. WARNING: Several more urgent macular diseases cause DISORTION, so you must have an examination within a few days when you notice new onset distortion to establish the cause.


Macular pucker can also cause a decrease in visual acuity. The distortion of the macular caused by the macular pucker may cause decreased vision. In addition, sometimes the macular puckers will stretch the retina and cause it to not function well causing the vision to decline. Finally, some macular puckers are so thick, they can actually obstruct the vision a little and cause it to decline.


Many people with a macular pucker also see floaters from a vitreous separation, these are not from the macular pucker.

It is possible to have a macular pucker and another eye disease causing vision loss, like a cataract, macular edema, diabetic retinopathy, or retinal vascular occlusion. It is important for your doctor to determine, as best as possible, if the macular pucker is significantly contributing to your vision loss. Sometimes, if it is not clear, your doctor might recommend treatments for other eye problems prior to considering surgery for your macular pucker. For example, the doctor might recommend having cataract surgery first, or eye drops for macular edema.